Moon sign calendar


A moon sign calendar is a chart which denotes the position of the moon in various signs. Since moon is the fastest moving heavenly body in the horoscope of any individual, it is necessary to keep a track of its movement. With the help of moon sign calendar, one can easily find out how the moon is affecting their charts and what impact it has over the horoscope. There is a constant pace of two to three days with which the moon travels through each of the twelve zodiac signs.

Finding your moon sign on internet

If you are looking for some information on ways of finding your moon sign, this information may help you out! Firstly it is necessary to know what moon sign mean. Moon sign zodiac is the position of moon at the moment of your birth. Since position of moon changes as moon travels faster than planets, knowing the moon sign requires definite procedure and methodologies.

Moon sign horoscope

Moon horoscopes are used to forecast based on the lunar point of view. Moon sign horoscope predictions will help you know yourself from every aspect of appearance and emotional grounds. There are 12 signs of moon which have their own unique personality and characteristic traits. Here are few features of the 12 zodiacs which can give you an exposure to its traits.

Understand yourself better by your moon sign

According to Vedic Astrology, moon sign occupies an important place than sun sign. In fact Vedic Astrology says that moon sign should be taken as the centre of birth chart in place of ascendant. Moon sign reveals the personality of an individual which cannot be unveiled by sun sign. Moon sign is the sign of zodiac for the position of moon at the time of birth. Astrological portrait of a person is incomplete through sun sign, to know yourself completely one should know his/her moon sign.