Moon sign calendar


A moon sign calendar is a chart which denotes the position of the moon in various signs. Since moon is the fastest moving heavenly body in the horoscope of any individual, it is necessary to keep a track of its movement. With the help of moon sign calendar, one can easily find out how the moon is affecting their charts and what impact it has over the horoscope. There is a constant pace of two to three days with which the moon travels through each of the twelve zodiac signs. The horoscope of the person gets affects for this particular period when the moon is in his or her sun sign. When moon travels to or around any zodiac sign, it interacts with other planets in your chart and thus affects the emotions, intuitions, creativity and needs of the individual.

Knowing the position of the moon is important but it is also vital to know the places where other planets are situated in order to draw maximum advantage from the moon sign calendar. All this greatly affects the life of the person and determines why things happen to the person in the manner they are occurring. With the help of internet it is easy to produce your own moon sign calendar. There are many web sites which provide you moon sign calendar downloads in order to make your work simpler. You can download the calendar for free from any of these sites and can figure out easily where this rapidly moving heavenly body is positioned in the zodiac sign.

The impact of the moon is more over the emotional life of any individual and thus it is very important to study the location of moon to find out what all is occurring in the emotional life of the person.