Understand yourself better by your moon sign

According to Vedic Astrology, moon sign occupies an important place than sun sign. In fact Vedic Astrology says that moon sign should be taken as the centre of birth chart in place of ascendant. Moon sign reveals the personality of an individual which cannot be unveiled by sun sign. Moon sign is the sign of zodiac for the position of moon at the time of birth. Astrological portrait of a person is incomplete through sun sign, to know yourself completely one should know his/her moon sign.

To know your moon sign, you can use nay moon sign calculator on internet. For this you should provide your accurate birth particulars including date of birth, time of birth, place or zone of birth. However precise moon sign is complicated to know as it requires special moon sign tables and moon sign charts or a special program to know what your moon sign is. There are many special programs on internet which can tell your exact moon sign and hence your characteristic traits. A moon sign can tell one’s entire personality, qualities, likes dislikes and important events of your life. Knowledge of moon sign will help you lead a healthier and happy life. You can know yourself in a better way since a moon sign portrays the person completely.

Just as a sun sign is determined by the position of sun at the time of your birth, moon sign is determined by the position of moon at the time of your birth. Your moon sign represents how you look at yourself. The astrological sign position of the moon reflects the personality and temperament of an individual from emotional side. It tells the way person emotionally handles the characteristics traits of the person. Moon sign will help you know what traits are indicated by the position of moon when you were moon.