Yes or Not Oracle

Decision making is tested when a person have only two options “yes” or “no”. This is very crucial and mind teasing situation and people got frustrated to take any decision. In the light of this critical condition, Oracle developed a unique software technology, which helps people to make their decision correct and effective according to their choices and needs. With the help of this application people can get the solutions of their problematic questions, which they couldn’t solve. It is quite easy to operate the application, just put your answer and got the most reasonable solution of your queries having close ended question marks that is yes and no.

Yes or not oracle program works with some basic principles that are reading mediums of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. These reading mediums are very helpful to reach the mindful and easy decision of the people’s difficult tasks and assist them to make an effective and vibrant decision. Another method used in this application as a background service, is psychic medium. In this medium, Yes or Not Oracle program use conceptual and theoretical conclusions of questions asked by user. In this way, people get easy and understandable decisive answer for their annoying questions. Things to consideration during this process are to be careful while asking questions. Don’t offend the application with unusual and abnormal questions and don’t bother the program. Otherwise, the program may give you wrong suggestions or answers. Strictly don’t overestimate the decision making of this program, because it is not reliable for whole decisions of life.