Your Life Path Number is your destiny! - Part 1

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The Number of Destiny is a number, that is obtained by adding numbers of your birth date: day, month and year. In the Western numerology it is called Life Path Number.

The encoding of a human bio-energetic matrix is in the range from 1 to 9. In order to work with the cosmic energy, we have to consider the vibrational structure of the first nine numbers. Each number has it's positive and negative vibrations. The positive vibrations of numbers are associated with the knowledge of a cosmic mission of the individual and his understanding of the divine destiny. Negative vibrations provoke destructive behavior.

We should keep in mind the hidden connections between numbers, that are able to demonstrate the absence of the necessary contact with the Universal Mind, or to determine the dominant vibration. The higher is the number, the stronger will be it's vibration, for example, the number 10 is vibrating much stronger, than the number 1, and 20 - is more powerful than 2.

You Life Path Number - is something that you were born with, it is indicating what you should do. It shows you what is your nature, and what capabilities you have to work directly with the flows of the universe. This number determines the initial encoding of the bio-energetic matrix. If this number is in a positive aspect, you will successfully achieve your goals. If your Life Path Number has a negative mode - you will have to work hard to change the sign of it's inherent vibration to the opposite.

Life Path Number -
Part 2

Numerology horoscope

Life Path Number is more important than the Soul Number or the Number of Name. A person is always thinking the same way, but his destiny will not always go the way he wants. This number is related to our vibrational influences, obtained as a result of our actions in the previous incarnations, which gives us a little leeway, but a lot more freedom we will have, collecting the fruits of our past karmas.

Characteristic features of people - Part 3

Numerology horoscope

People who have an odd Life Path Number - An ever-burning, revolutionary type, attracted to changes in any sphere - politics, religion, crafts, personal relationships. People with an even Life Path Number - A loving, artistic nature that can turn ugly into beautiful, gray - in bright vivid colors.